Enhance employee engagement to drive
better business outcomes

Are you finding yourself constrained by your performance management
systems due to:

  • Antiquated user-interfaces
  • Cumbersome and counter-productive accessibility
  • Time-consuming and tedious appraisal processes
  • Complex workflows, etc.,

Then it’s time for a change

In the present dynamic economy, low-profit margins, shrinking markets and stiffer competition warrants that organizations consistently outperform to stay at the top of their game. The need of the hour is a workforce aligned with the organization's strategic goals and objectives to help increase operational efficiency, performance effectiveness, and overall productivity.

Adopting a strategic and integrated approach towards Employee Performance Management can help an organization by motivating employees, strengthening organizational goals and facilitating discussion of ideas and areas for improvement.

aptus360° brings innovation and yet simplicity and ease-of-use to the organizations while providing features that increase people engagement and enable employee competency and performance management in a systemic manner.

While enabling a holistic view of the organization’s performance appraisal processes, the highly configurable cloud-based solution can be easily utilized by employees, managers or management and is ready for use within weeks rather than months. The built-in offline capability saves considerable time and effort.

You can choose between our On-Premise or On-Cloud deployment model:

On-Premise Deployment:

  • One-time set-up and deployment cost
  • Customization and integration as required
  • AMS contract for regular upgrades and maintenance

On Cloud Deployment:

  • Subscription model
  • No additional investment on infrastructure or maintenance
  • High Scalability as per usage
  • Regular-free upgrades
  • Zero risk of downtime and outages

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