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Job Title : Business Development
Year so Experience : 10-15 Years
Location : Delhi

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Our commitment to providing quality solutions and services to our customers, drives our search for smart, talented, focused individuals who can spearhead our journey towards success.

Working with us will open a horizon of exponential opportunities for you in professional growth, personal satisfaction, and overall well-being. You will be able to collaborate across various technology platforms to bring innovative, cost-effective, and quality solutions to our customers. You will also:

  • Collaborate with a highly-skilled, dynamic team of professionals with strong technical knowledge.
  • Work on the latest technologies and world-class in-house developed solutions.
  • Deliver projects for a diverse customer portfolio across geographies and industry verticals.
  • Experience an excellent work culture with continuous growth opportunities, and great learning environment.

Path is an Equal Opportunity Employer
We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and creating an inclusive work environment for all. Our endeavor is to

  • Provide equal and fair opportunities for employment to all qualified applicants.
  • Maintain a work environment free from harassment based on age, color, physical ability, marital status, parental status, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • Make employment relationship decisions solely based on individual ability and qualifications, subject only to occupational requirements, seniority, and other appropriate non-discriminatory criteria.
  • Adhere to applicable laws (for the client, place of operation) pertaining to equal employment opportunities and fair employment practices.
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