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Saves Time & Storage


Plan, manage, schedule and execute enterprise wide cloning jobs from single console

Clonetab is a rapid cloning/replication appliance that can automatically clone (refresh) / replicate your Oracle e-Business suite,
PeopleSoft and Oracle Databases. It has robust functionality for - standards based automatic cloning of Oracle e-Business Suite,
PeopleSoft and Oracle Databases while providing the below options as a part of the process :

Audit Trail | Scheduling tasks | Patching | Rules based data scrambling to sanitize sensitive data
Retaining instance specific information | Easy to use ad hoc operational capabilities | Your virtual DBA team member

  • End-to-end Rapid Cloning
  • CTClone - Space & time savings
  • Compliance
  • Cloud, backups, DR & more
  • Data Replication
  • SQL Execution - Self service
  • End-to-end Rapid Cloning

    • EBS clone can be done in as low as 1 hour
    • Rapid DB Clone, Rapid binary copy
    • Tasks : Clone, refresh, start, stop, restart
    • Most common post-refresh tasks included
    • Add site specific steps with minimum effort
  • CTClone - Space & time savings

    • Space savings with Database virtualization
    • Rapid DB provisioning
    • Back-dated refreshes for PIT recovery
    • Daily snapshots - For back-dated refreshes
    • Optionally integrates with tape backups
  • Compliance

    • Scramble sensitive data
    • All passwords encrypted
    • Provides Audit trail
    • Role for security admin for data scrambling
    • Role based security
  • Cloud, backups, DR & more

    • Easy migration of EBS or Oracle DB to Cloud
    • Handy on-disk backup copies
    • An escape route from many accidents
    • New EBS instance creation in few clicks
    • Setup a low cost near real time DR
  • Data Replication

    • Cost-effective solution for replication.
    • Cross platform
    • Zero downtime upgrades & migrations
    • Rapid instantiation using ctclone.
    • Simple and quick setups using Clonetab UI.
  • SQL Execution - Self service

    • Convert manual SQL executions to safe & compliant Self service.
    • No Passwords shared with non-DBA teams
    • Run button enabled only after approval(s)
    • History with output to track changes
    • Prod control only with DBAs (optional)
  • Not Just Databases

    Clonetab is available for Oracle Databases, eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft.


    The features like pre, post, random scripts, target instance retention options.

  • Customize your refreshes

    The custom scripts option facilitates adding subtasks enterprise custom cloning needs.

    No more misses and Mistakes

    Always same consistent high quality refreshes by eliminating manual work.

  • Rapid Cloning

    Using Ctclone technology provision target databases instances in less than 1 hour even for most of the large Databases.

    Heterogeneous Data Replication

    Clonetab Replication provides real time replication between Oracle and non-oracle databases or Oracle and Oracle databases.

SQL Self Service

Clonetab SQL Self Service module can be used to allow
non-DBA IT teams to run SQL Scripts on
Oracle Databases on their own.


Clonetab is a rapid cloning appliance that can automatically clone (refresh) / replicate your Oracle e-Business suite, PeopleSoft and Oracle Databases.
The rapidclone cannot be scheduled, which means the DBA has to be physically present to perform the refresh. There are several pre-clone & post-clone tasks that DBA has to manually perform when using rapidclone. Clonetab is much faster, provides standards based automatic clones with audit trail, decrease overall risks in cloning, helps enterprise compliance initiatives and integrates rules as to “need-toknow and need-to-do”.
Clonetab has built-in tracking mechanism as to who carried out what cloning tasks, when and so on, within Clonetab Application. The tracking provides the audit trail which is essential to enforce Compliance regulations and internal control.
Clonetab offers built-in protection via a check box in the UI screens at the time of registration of a source instance. Once you check this box while registering source instance, that instance never appears in the target instance list. There is a second protection at the Unix level, for your important volumes, when you use NetApp storage, via a folder where information as to important volumes is written. Clone-engine will check this folder before starting the refresh and will halt the process if it encounters an important volume in the said folder for the given refresh.
Clonetab is built using Java platform. Flex/Flash is used for the UI (User Interface) and it has got its own Oracle XE database repository (No additional database license is required). Clonetab can be accessed from most of the certified standard browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and so on.
The price depends on the combination of the modules you wish to purchase. You can purchase the Base module for Oracle database refresh at the minimum.
Currently we are selling Clonetab (a) under perpetual license model or as (b) yearly subscription or as (c) software as a service, for use by the end-customers.
Clonetab can clone Oracle database, Oracle e-Business suite instances running on most of the flavors of Linux/Unix. We are currently working on making the software work on Microsoft Windows platform. Please check with our sales team as to the platforms / versions supported or refer to our support/de-support notifications that are released periodically.
Yes, Clonetab has built-in intelligence to know how many tiers are on source and target instance and it can refresh even if the number of source instance tiers are different from the number of tiers in target instance.
We recommend you to use a separate light weight server (Physical or virtual) with a minimum 8 GB RAM (recommended 16 GB) and 200 GB disk space on specific versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For the user interface, we recommend specific versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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