05 Apr 2018

Test Automation for Oracle EBS – Challenges and Best Practices

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Test automation for Oracle EBS has been around for a while. However, it is only now that it’s being widely accepted as the only way possible to achieve maximum test coverage and business assurance for constant changes, patches, and upgrades that are so common in Oracle EBS ecosystem.

Learn more about

  • How test automation for Oracle EBS has evolved over the past years and what are the top trends for 2018?
  • Current testing tools available in the market for EBS test automation.
  • What are the challenges being faced along with their possible solution and best practices?

23 Jan 2018

DR on Cloud – Requirement, Drivers, and Design & Architecture

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Explore methodology and comparison analysis to evaluate best cloud options.


  • Explore DR on cloud with case study.
  • Requirement, Drivers, and Design & Architecture.
  • Compare value proposition in different cloud options.
  • In conversation with the customer - Their journey to select the best cloud option for DR strategy.
  • Listen to Oracle Cloud Leader speak about Oracle DR offerings.

15 Dec 2017

Get Set Go for your journey to Oracle IaaS

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Speed Innovation and Reduce Costs with an Elastic, Secure, Low-Cost Cloud Infrastructure.

In this webinar, we share insight on each of the following three Use Cases with customer adoption case studies:

  • Production Workloads to Cloud (IaaS).
  • Dev/Test on Cloud.
  • DR on Oracle Cloud Understand the CAPEX & OPEX considerations while calculating ROI on cloud.