Cost-effective integration of all your emails,
contacts and appointment

  • Have you moved to Oracle Sales Cloud recently?
  • Or considering moving to Oracle Sales Cloud?
  • Using Corporate Google Mail?

If your answers to the above are yes then potentially you have the below situations:

  • Multiple views of customer communications
  • Need to initiate workflow & actions on customer communications
  • Delayed or missed business responses
  • Daunting task of manually managing all above

We bring to you a pre-packaged solution for integrating your Oracle Sales Cloud & Google Mail accounts to manage all of the above situations for you. Completely integrate your emails, contacts and appointments achieving significant savings on time and cost and improving efficiency.

The solution is available for you in two modules. As per your requirement choose between—PIM Gmail and Email-on-Demand

PIM Gmail is a web-based utility that provides you with bi-directional synchronization of your contacts and appointments between Oracle Sales Cloud and Gmail in a scheduled manner. This utility can run automatically in the background or can run on-demand.

PIM Gmail

  • Sync Contacts & Appointments between Gmail and Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Unidirectional and Bi-directional Synchronization
  • Automated scheduled or manual modes of synchronization
  • User can choose to Add, Delete, Modify
  • Resolve conflicts easily
  • Option to choose from multiple calendars
  • Segregate personal and official contacts
  • Java-based web-utility hosted on web/integration server


  • Syncs rich text, images and attachments on an email to Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Syncs up to 5 MB of email size as an activity with links to attachments
  • Provides users with a UI to select emails to Sync
  • Automatically schedule sync with Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Provides option to search for Contact and Account in Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Provides the ability to create tasks and appointments in Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Java-based web-utility hosted on web/integration server