Increase Efficiency and Productivity.
Deliver Higher Customer Satisfaction.

Today, customer service management has moved on from being ‘cost of doing business’ to a mission critical asset for corporations for revenue-protection and revenue-generation opportunities. In the current economy, pressurized to pursue continuous growth opportunities, Companies must rethink their business approach and CRM strategies, to sustain their customer base.

Managing and growing relationships with your customers through retention strategies, referrals schemes and value added products and services has become more critical now than ever. It is essential to adopt a more focused approach with the right CRM solution for building stronger customer relationships, based on loyalty and trust.

ServitiumCRM - a flexible web-based Customer Service Management Solution is designed to organize, automate and synchronize your daily customer service operations. Initiate customer-centric services to build long-term profits and competitive advantage. With ServitiumCRM, explore better avenues for increasing profits and company market share. Standardize your operations, making them more efficient and responsive. Improve customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships.

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer responsiveness
  • Acquire new clients and contracts
  • Retain existing customers and build customer loyalty
  • Increase profitability
  • Lower marketing and account acquisition costs
  • Enhance corporate image and competitive advantage

You can choose between our On-Premise or On-Cloud deployment model:

On Premise Deployment:

  • One-time set-up and deployment cost.
  • Customization and integration as required.
  • AMS contract for regular upgrades and maintenance.

On Cloud Deployment:

  • Subscription model.
  • No additional investment on infrastructure or maintenance.
  • High Scalability as per usage.
  • Regular-free upgrades.
  • Zero risk of downtime and outages.

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