Database Security Assessment Services

Evaluate Your Database Vulnerabilities. Secure Your Business Today!

  • Is your data safe and secure?
  • Do you know who are the database users and what is their entitlement?
  • Do you know the location, type, and quantity of sensitive data into your database?
  • Are you compliant with the privacy and regulatory mandates listed by RBI, FEMA, IBA, EU GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA/HITECH?

Path's Database Security Assessment Services

With data breaches growing every day along with the evolving set of data protection and privacy regulations, protecting business-sensitive and regulated data is mission-critical. Database security assessment is the activity of monitoring and recording configured database actions from database users and non-database users, to ensure the security of the database.

DB Assessment
Data Collector (Security logs)
AI-powered Analytics
First Assessment Report
Path Security
Final Assessment Report

Let your Database Security be assessed by the experts. The service is a complete security assessment of your Database System.
Following areas will be assessed:

Security configuration issues
Users and their entitlements
Location, type, and quantity of sensitive data

Our team of highly trained and experienced consultants & engineers will study, assess your database, and recommend best practices & solution which are in tune with your business, and regulatory guidelines.

Benefits of Database Security Assessment

  • Identify configuration settings that may increase your risk exposure
  • Identify sensitive user accounts, their entitlements, and security policies
  • Discover sensitive data
  • Recommend and prioritize relevant security controls