Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

Refining Customer Interactions. Strengthening Relationships

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) revolutionizes how companies initiate, manage, and optimize customer interactions. The goal is to improve customer relationships, enable customer retention, drive sales growth, and increase brand value.

A CRM is essentially a combination of practices, strategies, and technologies on a single platform that enables you to capture each customer interaction across every touchpoint, analyze this data throughout the customer lifecycle, and accordingly provide better products and services to your customers.

Why Do You Need CRM?

Customer Insights

Insights on customer behavior help create personalized experiences that drive customer satisfaction.

Customer Retention

Satisfied customers mean loyal customers. Understanding the needs and expectations of customers means having the ability to serve them better.

Business Growth

Strong customer relationships mean increasing business growth.

Business Value

Stronger relationships, increasing profits, improved engagements – maximizes business value.

Path's CRM Offerings

Here's how we help

Fast track your journey with our CRM experts. Get custom designed roadmap as per your business needs.
Implementation & Integration
We help solve your business challenges, digitizing your business processes, enriching your customer’s experience.
Managed Services
24x7, 365 days support as
per defined SLAs and proven

Consulting – Evolving business models, customer expectations/engagement methods, and responsiveness requires enterprises to redefine their customer engagement approach more frequently than ever in the past. Our consulting approach assesses your current system and its ability to align with changing environment, strategic roadmap, future, and current business objectives. These objectives drive your CRM strategy to achieve a competitive advantage.

We review, analyze, and assess processes and the quality and health of your systems, for not just their ability to meet the business requirements but also the compliance with data privacy and information security protocols.

A fit gap is presented and discussed while recommending process and technical solutions to be configured to meet your business requirements.

Implementation & Integration – We enable the digitization of your business processes. We cover all aspects including implementation, from deployment to data migrations, upgrades, and real-time integrations. Automation of repetitive manual tasks frees up valuable time for your team to focus on innovation. Integrated systems mean seamless processes, intelligent insights, faster decision-making.

Managed Services – We do more than just fix issues. We believe in enhancing adoption, continuous process improvement, resolving any technical glitches to achieve efficiency improvement and business growth outcomes. We provide critical technical support on time every time.

Our Product Offerings

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sales, Service, Marketing
Field Service, Walk-In, Call Centres, Knowledge Management, & More.
Sales, Service, Marketing

At Path you'll find

  • Highly skilled, qualified, certified support professionals in the industry.
  • A mission-critical culture focused on client satisfaction.
  • Proven global systems and processes for high-quality, consistent service delivery.
  • Global deployment, maintenance, and support solutions for CRM.
  • 24×7 365 days support as per defined SLAs.

Benefits to our Customers with our CRM services

  • Rapid implementation
  • Best integration practices
  • 30%-50% reduction in in-house IT expenditure
  • Single source for all your requirements