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Database Migration & Modernization Services

Modernize your application by migrating and upgrading your database on cloud

To leverage innovative technologies, enterprises need faster access to data, seamless data integration, and highly scalable, flexible, and low-maintenance databases. Unfortunately, many enterprises continue to run legacy databases, which fail to meet these requirements. These organizations need to act fast and modernize their data and applications sooner rather than later to achieve –

Improved Performance

Path provides your organization with a strategy for effectively and efficiently planning a database migration with minimum impact on system and business. Path's extensive experience across technology, our integrated approach, and skilled team, helps organizations not only define their digital transformation road map as well as innovate faster, enhance customer experiences, and drive business process efficiency.

Database Migration Services
By updating your database to the current version, you can improve the scalability and availability of your critical systems.
Database Upgrade Services
By moving to the latest database version, you can avail best performance, scalability, reliability, and security for all their operational and analytical workloads, whether for deployment on-premises, in-cloud or in hybrid configurations.
Database Modernization Services on Cloud
By upgrading or migrating or re-platforming the database on cloud, you can avail best performance, scalability, reliability, and security for all your operational and analytical workloads whether moving to.

The key to a successful data migration, upgradation, or modernization project is have a proven data modernization strategy, methodology, framework, and roadmap. To assist you in determining which of these services are the right choice for you, we provide a complete and complementary half-day assessment of your production databases. The assessment enables us to determine time and resource requirements, as well as any deficiencies in the current database.

Database Modernization Framework

Stakeholders are consulted and a detailed data modernization strategy and methodology that aligns with the enterprise’s data modernization and business goals are defined.
A roadmap is determined for executing data modernization, beginning with the least risky data and moving towards more critical data.
Multiple steps are taken to implement data modernization.

Path Database Modernization Services

Source Target Activities
Oracle 10g/11g/12c Oracle 19c / 21c/ATP on IaaS/ PaaS/ ExaCS/ ExaCC Upgrade
MySQL on IaaS/ PaaS Re-Platform
Data Conversion
PostgreSQL on IaaS/ PaaS Re-Platform
Data Conversion
MS SQL Server MS SQL Server on IaaS/ PaaS Migration
MySQL on IaaS/ PaaS Re-Platform
Data Conversion
PostgreSQL on IaaS/PaaS Re-Platform
Data Conversion

Benefits of Path's Database Migration & Modernization Service

  • Database/object fragmentation can be alleviated
  • Optimized database and resource usages
  • Better performance and database management
  • Migration with minimum downtime and less impact on business