An Automation-Led Cloud Journey

CLOUDnU reflects our mature Cloud practice that ensures an enterprise’s successful journey to the Cloud. Enriched over the years of working on hybrid multi-cloud, It is a blend of processes, automation, functional knowledge, and technology excellence.

Path’s end-to-end experience in Applications, Databases, Infrastructure, Integrations & Security forms the foundation of CLOUDnU. It is a low-risk, high-quality, cost-effective service framework designed to automate Cloud adoption for organizations and help drive business transformation and service excellence.

CLOUDnU empowers organizations to adopt Cloud with ease, first-time-right, optimally, and securely with minimum impact on business operations. It helps them achieve significant and measurable business objectives, 100+ success stories are a testimony of the same.

The Framework

Discover how CLOUDnU by Path is solving critical business challenges and helping customers gain better business outcomes.
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