Cloud Management



Imagine a world where NO human will be managing availability, performance, security, and scalability of your compute, storage, database, and application environment, independent of them being deployed on Private, Public, Hybrid, or Multi-cloud environments. Instead, a BOT calls you to take pre-emptive action—or fixes the problem before you even know you have one. And when there is a need for enhancing capacity and capability, the cloud service provider uses available data to recommend a bundle tailored to your organization's needs and budget, so you don’t have to wade through complex combinations of offerings, pricing, and services.

Over the next couple of years or maybe a decade, this will become a reality. Digital technologies and tools like AI/ML, Automation, IoT, and predictive data analytics will transform every aspect in the way IT infrastructure viz. Network, Compute, Storage, Security, Platform, and Application is delivered, consumed, and managed. Mega support centers and rigidly standardized processes and scripts for dealing with everything from user queries and technical support—will be replaced by BOT’s, minimalist workforces of highly skilled specialists collaborating with digital technologies.


Discover, Analyze, and Advice

Digital transformation calls for agility, innovation, and cost-effective operations, businesses operate in an ever-evolving and complex IT environment – be it Private, Public, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud. Experts are required to discover and analyze the business needs – who have the intelligence, expertise and are equipped with modern tools to transform these needs into a TO-BE state IT platform that is cutting edge and scalable.


Architecture Blueprint

“Architecture design" of an IT system is as important as that of a country, city, neighborhood!!! At its root, the architecture of an IT system exists to create/provision an environment that is built to meet not just the current and future compute/storage and network needs but are also able to adapt to needs that may arise due to internal (business model)/external (compliances/security threats) factors that are neither known nor can be projected/forecasted. A future-ready “Architecture Blueprint" is what you get.


Future-ready Deployment

“The process of turning formal plans – often very detailed conceptual plans that will affect many – into reality". The expertise of deriving how from what, that has been designed by the architect aligned with objectives/constraints viz. minimum downtime and ensuring the first-time right implementation is the key differentiator you get with Path’s implementation methodology and consultants.

Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning Services
Path uses automation to provision the cloud technology stack through software, enabling you to develop, deploy, and scale cloud applications with greater speed, less risk, and reduced cost. Path's programmable or software-defined infrastructure service can simplify and accelerate your infrastructure provisioning process, help you avoid mistakes and comply with policies, keeping your environments consistent and saving your company a lot of time and money.
Lift and Shift to Cloud
Meet business requirements efficiently and quickly, as the demand rises. Migrate your critical business environment to Cloud. Accelerate your business success, achieve operational excellence, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Move EBS to Cloud
  • Move Custom Applications to Cloud
  • Application Modernization on Cloud
Disaster Recovery on Cloud
Disaster may strike anytime, bringing downtime and data losses further leading to revenue losses as well as complete business disruption. Protect your critical systems from unexpected disaster with our cost-effective DR solutions
  • EBS DR setup on Cloud
  • Custom Applications DR setup on Cloud
  • Large database DR on Cloud (Including ExaCS)

Be it homogenous migration (Oracle to Oracle, MS SQL Server to MS SQL Server) or heterogeneous migration (Oracle & MS SQL to MySQL, MS SQL to MySQL, or any other open-source database (Including AWS RDS) leading to database independence. Seamless migrations designed for greater agility, optimized cost, and reduced risk. We will effectively and efficiently migrate your database with minimum impact on your system and business so you can focus on what matters most.

Get your organization’s business-sensitive databases evaluated for vulnerabilities, possible breaches, and critical compliance risks. Our team of highly trained and experienced consultants & engineers will assess your database, identify gaps, and recommend best practices and solutions which are in tune with your business and regulatory needs. Secure your critical business data, enabling data confidentiality, availability, and integrity.

The recent Cloud adoption surge has highlighted newer risks and associated security threats such as data breaches, account hacking, weak access controls and cloud configurations, insufficient monitoring mechanisms, limited security policies. Confidently embrace Digital Transformation with Path. We will assess your cloud environment to identify and remove existing security issues as well as prevent possible future attacks. Our team will help you adopt an effective Cloud Security Roadmap ensuring long-term critical compliance management and risk mitigation.

Path’s managed services focus on proactive management to ensure that issues are identified and resolved even before they impact the systems. Our managed services are a blend of digital assets that automate, in a highly secure, proactive, and intelligent manner to manage resources across the platform stack (Cloud Infra, VM, OS, Middleware, and Database), leading to an instant service response. Our team of expert support professionals analyzes the collected information to identify areas of improvement, suggest and implement improvement plans.


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