From startups to enterprises, thousands of organizations around the world are using Microsoft Power Apps to build professional, custom apps to solve their challenges.

Here are the top 10 innovation areas to watch in the coming year

1. #LessCodeMorePower

No matter who you are, Power Apps is disrupting business software development. Millions of new citizen developers are learning to create apps and professionals are doing more while focusing on the code that matters.

2. Modern intranet

Teams + SharePoint + Power Platform Power Apps is built into the productivity experiences of Microsoft 365 as a deeply integrated feature of services, like SharePoint and Teams. Discover and learn new ways how you can increase productivity and efficiency across teams and processes.

3. Uncommon power in the Common Data Service

The Common Data Service is a platform that sits under the most sophisticated Microsoft business applications, powering billions of dollars of global business every year.

4. Bring your best cloud with “no limits” extensibility

Beyond Teams, SharePoint, and the Common Data Service, hundreds of data sources and online services are connected to Power Apps in a few clicks. Anything that isn’t already built-in can be easily connected by building custom connectors.

5. Now, for everyone to use

Power Apps used to be for internal apps to be shared with coworkers, but now it has expanded so you can share information and access data via portals and guests can have access as well.

6. Platform-wide innovation from AI to RPA to Virtual Agents and beyond

The Power Platform is built to deeply integrate across Apps, Automation, Business Intelligence, and Power Virtual Agents.

7. The future is componentized

New capabilities can be easily added to existing apps through the components. Components are like reusable building blocks that makers can use quickly to assemble and build powerful apps.

8. Full stack low code: the new quality assurance

Power Apps is more than low-code UX—it also has high productivity data modeling, data integration, security, lifecycle management, and now professional-grade quality assurance tools.

9. Think in thousand app scale

Organizations are innovating at the scale of hundreds or even thousands of Power Apps used in production. In the process, they’re forging new partnerships between IT leaders, coders, and citizen developers.

10. You are not alone

The real power of the platform isn’t in technology at all – it’s the global community that has rallied together to forge a new way to innovate.

  • More than a million monthly active members in the Power Platform communities
  • Nearly 100,000 members in more than 400 local user groups
  • Twitter movements #PowerAddicts and #LessCodeMorePower

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