From Legacy to Leading Edge:
Modernize your Business with Path and AWS

Path as a recognized AWS partner helps organizations build a comprehensive cloud business strategy that facilitates seamless application and database modernization, unlocking new possibilities and empowering businesses to enhance performance, improve scalability, and achieve cost efficiencies.

Specialized Services

Featured Services

DR on Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery Setup
  • Custom Applications DR Setup
Cost Optimization
  • Right Size Your Resources
  • Utilize Reserve Instance
  • Implement Cost Monitoring
Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cloud & Web Security Posture
  • Data Security
  • Identity and Access Management
Managed Services
  • Cloud Infra Management
  • App & DB Management
  • Backup Management
  • Automation & DevOps
  • Security Posture Management

Path’s Modernization Approach

Phase 1 - Migrate

  • Application As-Is to Cloud
  • DB As-Is / Managed

Phase 2 - Transform & Modernize

  • App - Container
  • DB - Opensource

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with
Our Automation-led Service Framework

Uncover the true potential of the Cloud. Let Path and AWS be your guiding lights on this transformative journey. Contact us at and embark on a cloud-ready, agile, and efficient future for your business.