Cloud Security Assessment Services

With the growth in Cloud adoption in the recent times, security risks and associated threats have become a primary concern for enterprises. Data breaches, account hacking, weak access controls and cloud configurations, insufficient monitoring mechanisms, and limited security policies, are some of the biggest Cloud security concerns for an organization.

Some 2020-21 statistics to bear in mind

The global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million (IBM)
23% of data breaches are caused by human error
Only 5% of a company's folders are protected
In 2020, 17 percent of breaches involved malware, 22 percent featured phishing attacks, and 45 percent were hacking.
Over 64% of financial services companies have 1,000+ sensitive files open to every employee. (Varonis)

Challenges in strengthening internal defenses

While companies are initiating steps towards digital transformation, many are unable to take constructive steps in securing their Cloud Infrastructure. due to:

  • Lack of skilled security experts
  • Misconfigured security policies
  • Lack of knowledge on good security products and services
  • Audit and compliance issues

Path can help improve your ability to respond to Cloud Security incidents

Confidently embrace Digital Transformation with Path. We will assess your cloud environment to identify and remove existing security issues as well as prevent potential future attacks. Our team of experts create an effective Cloud Security Roadmap ensuring long-term critical compliance management and risk mitigation.

  • Identify the gap
  • Vulnerability Assessment Report
  • Infrastructure and DB Security
  • Incident Response

Path's Multilevel Security Approach

Firewalls, demilitarized zone, data loss prevention
Antivirus software, patching, security specifications for system
Security specifications
File and data encryption, enterprise rights management
Monitoring, intrusion detection, remediation